Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a....

BOY!!! Had the ultrasound this morning, and Shannon and I are having a happy, healthy little boy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

One more Week!!!!!

No, not til "labor day" monday is when we have the ultrasound and just might find out the gender of our little one. Woo-hoo!
Weight- 165.5
My baby is giving me heartburn, but that's just cause he/she is feisty (or that's what someone else told me). Other than that, I've been feeling pretty good. I've had two days of two-hour naps...which has been fabulous. I should have started doing that weeks ago.
There's still seems to be alot I need to do before March......but I"m anything but organized.....but it will come together. And, if it doesn't..the baby will still be here, and we will still step into this new season in our lives.
So many of the other "mom blogs" that I read sound so calm and relaxed.....maybe the spazzy mom's like myself don't make the time to actually do these blogs.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

a few more pounds of me

Weight: 163
Symptoms: I'm feeling great! I little tired, and am starting to actually take the naps my body craves. Emotionally, I've struggled... which I'm learning is natural. Becoming a mother is a big transition... possibly the biggest one I will ever experience. I want confirmation that I will do a good job. These anxious feelings are not something that can be remedied by a few encouraging comments from others. They won't go away because I read more books.

Although it sounds simple and silly, I will become a mother through the process of becoming a mother. And I'm not even sure I will ever have confidence in being a mother. I think I'll be too busy being a mother that I don't have time to worry about my confidence. And the more familiar the relationship becomes, the more comfortable I will be.

My relationship with our little one will take precedent over my doing a "good job".

Doctor's appointment in on Monday. Will write up a update that evening!

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Beginnings- New Blog

So, I'm prego. Popping out a little bundle of joy in March (25th to be exact...although, really, it's whenever he/she wants to come out.
I've noticed several new moms and moms-to-be use blogs to keep track of their experience over the next few months...and help everyone they care about stay "in the know". So, I'm going to give it a shot. (of course, the real question will be if I actually tell people about the blog....or just do it for personal gratification.)

So, here's my stats:
Weight: 161 (creeping up there...)
Cravings: None.....ok, some but nothing completely out of the ordinary
Feeling: Fantastic! (Well, hungry, moody, and a little out of control...but other than that!)

I'll try to be more on top of things with this round of bloggings....Maybe I'll even put up some photos...a little belly progress.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


"We had stopped serving plates of food to the homeless seated at our tables, many were leaving, and we began taking down our tables, after three hours on the sun-baked asphalt parking lot. We were ready to pack up and leave for air-conditioned cars and homes.

I was closing up on stage, reminding our homeless guests to pick up their sack lunches and iced bottled water on their way out the gate.

A wild-eyed homeless man staggered to the stage, yelling loudly, "Help me, I need food." He said he was going to pass out and had not eaten for days. "Help me, help me, I have to have something to eat and drink," he exclaimed, swaying as if he could not make another step without food. I could see he was "overly medicated" and that he was a mess, physically and mentally.

I nodded at a member of our group and she told him to "sit down right there at the table, and we will bring you a plate." When he stared at her blankly, she again pointed to the table and told him to sit down. He focused on her and barked not to tell him what to do but immediately looked up at me and said, "I'm sorry." He sat compliantly.

We brought him a nice hot plate of food. He stared at it, looked around the table and said incredulously, "Ain't you got no salt and pepper? I don't think I can eat this without salt and pepper!" But he did.

The tables and 120 chairs were cleaned and packed away for travel, and he was still eating. I told our volunteers this homeless man example is why we must have a time to quit serving food.

We packed up his table, bringing him a shelf from the PA system to use as a table. He just sat and ate slowly.

We packed up the stage trailer, the bus, held our celebration prayer for our volunteer team, and still, he sat eating slowly, barely able to eat.

I am ashamed to say I was agitated — drained from being in the sun all morning. I even had his fork and chair taken, but I was checked in my spirit immediately and gave the fork back to him to keep.

He staggered around the front of the bus holding his food plate, looking for shade, and his pants suddenly fell down below his ankles. He looked as if he only had bones for legs.

I almost missed this opportunity. I repented, right there.

I am ashamed to say I was agitated at being delayed from my "schedule" — no excuse for it.

I am ashamed to say I thought more of "protecting ministry assets," specifically volunteers' time, a metal fork and a good dinner plate than a poor wretched soul without a sound mind or hope.

I am ashamed to say I wanted to go home and sit in air-conditioned comfort more than I wanted to help this homeless man in great need.

I am ashamed to say I almost missed the whole point of being a Christian by wanting to leave this homeless man a sack lunch and send him on his way instead of sharing God's love.

I am ashamed to say I told my fellow volunteers our schedule is more important than caring for the needy.

Most Christians and churches should be ashamed because they say daily — by word and deed — that their priorities are more important than the commands of God and Jesus to "feed the hungry, clothe the naked." I thank God for making me ashamed, for He truly "opened the eyes of my heart" to see the evidently invisible nation of homeless souls.” - Unknown Author

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tawnya is wrapping things up with CSM, and I've just realized how crazy my life is going to be for the next few months. There is no question in my mind this was what's supposed to happen; Tawnya and I actually discussed how God's hand was definitely visible in this process. So far, it has been strangely smooth; BUT the immediate future is going to be overwhelming. Not so much so I won't be able to handle it, but it will definitely push me...something I haven't experienced in work for some time. I'm excited and incredibly nervous.

Thus the picture. It is a very soothing and centering picture. To aspects I'm going to crave and look for during this transition.'s just a cool picture.